10 Best Beards on the Packers Roster in 2016

It's time again to unveil the best beards on the Packers roster. Sadly, we lost 4 players from last year including number 1, Josh Sitton. But the additions to this years squad are impressive and future is still bright for the 13 time world champions.

Ty Montgomery beard

10. Ty Montgomery

Ty dropped a few spots from last year but a season ending injury will do that to you. We would like to see him bounce back with an even thicker beard this year.

Jacob Schum Beard

9. Jacob Schum

A late addition to the Packers roster, the punter is already making an impact. His beard isn't a one time thing. He has kept it throughout his career on each team he's been on.

Christian Ringo Beard

8. Christian Ringo

Christian's beard looked even better this preseason. We look forward to him taking the next step.

Quinten Rollins beard

7. Quinten Rollins

Quinten is down a spot from last year. That 's what happens when others realize the power of beardmode.

Julius Peppers beard

6. Julius Peppers

Oldest player on the team and still going strong. All thanks to the beard.

John Kuhn beard

5. Jason Spriggs

The rookie looks to the continue the tradition of great beards on the offensive line.

Datone Jones beard

4. Datone Jones

Datone and his beard are ready to lead the best defense in the NFL to another world title.

Jared Abbredaris beard

3. Jared Abbrederis

Jared has really grown a nice beard and I figured if I didn't add him, Badgers fans would go ape shit.

Justin Perillo beard

2. Justin Perillo

He looks like a cross between a  gladiator and a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd. And that's good thing.

Aaron Ripkowski beard

1. Aaron Ripkowski

He probably should have been first last year but I needed to make sure he was committed to beardmode. This preseason has proved that he is.