10 Best Beards on the Packers Roster

I talk alot about beards and alot about the Packers and today I will finally break down the best beards on the roster. There is a plethora of youth on this roster with 4 rookies on the list but there are also some veterans, pro bowlers and all pros. The future is bright indeed for #beardmode and the green and gold.

Sam Barrington Beard

10. Sam Barrington

Sam has the look of an inside linebacker. Do these follicles look scurred? Huh!? WELL DO THEY!?

Christian Ringo Beard

9. Christian Ringo

Christian will baptize you in a fire of #beardmode

Ty Montgomery beard

8. Ty Montgomery

Although just a rookie, Ty has the beard of a grizzled veteran. It may not be as thick as some but it has to be aerodynamic so he can blaze past defensive backs

Mike Neal beard

7. Mike Neal

Just like Neal himself, his beard has a shit ton of potential. This year we're really looking for it to break out.

Quinten Rollins beard

6. Quinten Rollins

Another rookie on the list. He isn't quite to Revis beard level yet but he's got the same number and the potential.

John Kuhn beard

5. John Kuhn

There is nothing quite so demeaning as getting steam rolled by a ginger but that's exactly what Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn will do.

Julius Peppers beard

4. Julius Peppers

The wiley ole veteran (as if there's any other kind) can teach these kids alot about what it means to have a beard. That beard is probably the reason he has been able to play at such a high level for so long.

Aaron Ripkowski beard

3. Aaron Ripkowski

Another rookie and another fullback. Even his last name sounds like he might be a serial killer. Not that that would be a first in the NFL.

Datone Jones beard

2. Datone Jones

Sure, he may have been slow to develop but that beard says he's ready to take the next step. I can see multiple pro bowls for this guy

Josh Sitton beard

1. Josh Sitton

It's no surprise that this guy is a perennial pro bowler. He's consistently had a beard over the past couple of years and has only gotten better and better. This is one of the main reasons that Packers offense is so potent.