Green Bay Packers All 90’s Team

The 1990’s was a great decade for Packers football. This decade marked the revival of the greatest organization in professional sports. It is also the decade that got me through my school years. To honor these great squads, I decided to put together an All 90’s Packers team. There were some great names left off this list such as Ed West, Keith Jackson, Johnny Holland, and Brian Williams and but that just goes to show how deep those 1990 teams were. Originally Darren Sharper would have made the team but in light of recent events, he has been omitted. Feel free to mention any I may have missed.

Green Bay Packers All 90’s Team Offense

Position 1st Team 2nd Team
QB Brett Favre Don Majkowski
RB Edgar Bennett Dorsey Levens
FB William Henderson Michael Haddix
WR Sterling Sharpe Antonio Freeman
WR Robert Brooks Bill Schroeder
TE Mark Chmura Jackie Harris
LT Ken Ruettgers Ross Verba
LG Aaron Taylor Marco Rivera
C Frank Winters James Campen
RG Adam Timmerman Harry Galbreath
RT Earl Dotson Tootie Robbins

Green Bay Packers All 90’s Team Defense

Position 1st Team 2nd Team
DE Reggie White Matt Brock
DT Gilbert Brown John Jurkovic
DT Santana Dotson Bob Kuberski
DE Sean Jones Vonnie Holiday
OLB Tony Bennett Wayne Simmons
ILB Brian Noble George Koonce
OLB Bryce Paup Keith McKenzie
CB Doug Evans Terrell Buckley
CB Craig Newsome Tyrone Williams
FS LeRoy Butler Chuck Cecil
SS Eugene Robinson George Teague

Green Bay Packers All 90’s Team Specialists

Position 1st Team 2nd Team
K Chris Jacke Ryan Longwell
P Craig Hentrich Bryan Wagner
K/P R Desmond Howard Roell Preston