Packers 49ers Week 4 Preview | 2015 Season

The Packers are both undefeated and winless at Levi stadium in SANTA CLARA, California. That changes this week as the Pack leaves victoriously for the first of two times this season.

Will the Packers Score a Touchdown?


I know that sounds like a ridiculous question considering that Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as any quarterback and the Packers have scored at least 27 points in every game and the 49ers have given up 40+ points in their last two game. However, our trophyless neighbors to the west were unable get into the endzone against them. I don’t think it will be an issue.

Colin Kaepernick


He owes Dom Capers at least 75% of his salary considering that Dom Capers is the only defensive coordinator in the league incapable of stopping this guy. I think it changes today. I just keep telling myself that Dom will make adjustments; it has become my mantra.

Levi Stadium

The Packers will win in the same building where they will end their season winning. They will bring home Vince and capture their 14th world championship in February. Personally though, I’m a Wrangler man. It’s those damn Brett Favre and Drew Brees commercials.


Perhaps the Packers should have brought brochures from the Green Bay Visitor and Convention Bureau to hand out to the next batch of 49ers players that will retire after this year. Come see Green Bay or beautiful Door County.

Prediction: Packers Will Score their First Defensive Touchdown

I was 2-0 on my predictions last week and I’m calling my shot again by predicting the Packers will score their first defensive touchdown versus the 49ers. Sam Shields takes it to the house… or B.J. Raji.