Packers Bears Week 1 Preview | 2015 Season

It’s Bear week and that means the Packers are starting out 1-0. Some say this is the best rivalry in the NFL which is bullshit because for it to be a rivalry, both teams have to be competitive, which the Bears aren’t. Anyway, here’ what to watch for.

How Long Will The Starters Play?

I know that we’re into the regular season now but I still have to think the starters will only play a half at most. This game will be so far out of reach by then that we can consider this preseason game #5. It may be a good chance for our young defense to get some work against a somewhat professional football team. Be prepared to see a lot of guys playing that were sweating out cuts last Saturday.

Scott Tolzien’s Knee

Related to item #1, I have to be concerned for Scott Tolzien’s knees on Sunday. The Soldier Field Turf is notoriously shitty and is always torn up. I have to worry that as Tolzien is running out the clock that he may sprain his knee and do some real damage. Be careful out there Scott… be careful.

How Long Before the Bears’ fans Boo?

It’s still early in the season so I think that they will give their team and shot and won’t jump on them too quickly. I think Bears fans will wait until Cutler throws his first interception, so depending on if the Bears kick or receive to start the game, will either be with 13:26 to go in the first quarter or with 8:41 to go in the first quarter. I think the Packers will receive and score right away so I will say the latter which is almost halfway through the first quarter.

How Will The Packers Replace Datone Jones?

Stupid question. You can’t replace a Datone Jones. I don’t think of our other d lineman can wreak havoc the way Datone does. I can’t believe he has been snubbed for the Pro Bowl as often as he has. But, there’s nothing we can do about. Datone has been suspended for week 1 for possessing the ganj. The Packers will still win but his absence means that Cutler won’t have to pick himself off of the ground so often and Matt Forte may get a few extra yards than he otherwise would have. Come back soon Datone; you’re a beast.

Datone Jones

Datone Jones

Cutler Interceptions Versus Rodgers Touchdowns Passes

Who will have more: Cutler with interceptions thrown or Rodgers with touchdowns thrown? I’m setting the line for both at 4.5. Although will Nelson out, I would have to say Jay has the advantage in this one and will probably go crazy and throw 6 or 7.

jay cutler is like oprah meme