Packers-Browns Recap: These Guys Have Played Football Before, Right?

The second (first played) game of the preseason is in the books and I think I speak for all football fans when I say that I would have rather there had been another paint mishap then to have to watch that shit show. I know that most of these guys won’t be on an NFL roster come September but they are still basically college allstars. You would think that even if they all suck, they should suck at the same level to at least make it exciting. Anyway, on to the takeaways.

Graham Harrell 2.0

When I saw Joe Callahan take the field on that historic #6 jersey, I couldn’t help but remember the Graham Harrell. Joe’s a longshot to make the team but if keeps working hard he may get his chance and if he does, I hope he doesn’t fumble is first NFL snap with his team inside the 5 yard line

Prolific Passing and Receiving Duos

Speaking of Big Joe Callahan, it was nice to see him find tight end Justin Perillo early and often. Perillo, a no brainier to earn a spot on this year’s all beard team, was unstoppable, which was no surprise to me. I think Joe to Justin (or J2J as I call them) are already rank up there with some of the best quarterback / receiver /  tight end combinations of all time. Here’s my list.

  1. Majkowski and Sharpe
  2. Starr and McGee
  3. TJ Rubley and Jeff Brady
  4. Favre and Driver
  5. Rodgers and Nelson
  6. Tomczak and Workman
  7. Callahan and Perillo
  8. Flynn and Finley
  9. Dilweg and West
  10. Hasselbeck and Franks

Ed Hochuli

Nice to see Ed Hochuli and his crew are in mid-season by missing most of the calls. I’m actually surprised he was allowed into the stadium. Isn’t he aware they have a no guns policy?


The Browns and Packers had no problems finding the endzones, it just that normally it was their own endzone. There was 3 safety’s in this game… almost as many as the position of safety. While we’re talking about it, what a stupid name. There is nothing safe about it. Who came up with this shit? It should be called a ‘dumbfuck’ or a ‘bizzaro touchdown’ or  a ‘backasswards’. I think anytime there is more than two safety, the game should be cancelled and tickets refunded.