Packers Chiefs Week 3 Preview | 2015 Season

Monday Night Football is here, which means all my rowdy friends are coming over. Hope they aren’t like Hank Williams Jr.’s asshole friends.

Will David Bakhtiari Play Better than Marshall Newhouse

Last time the Packers played the Chiefs, Aaron Rodgers was sacked 4 times; 3 times by Tamba Hali. Marshall Newhouse was the rented mule that Hali beat mercilessly that day but this time he will be going against Bakhtiari. Hope he fares better or else we’ll have to jettison his ass too.

Also, there’s a lot of former Packers on that Chiefs defenses. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get Zomboed or Mosesed.

Will Rodgers Finally Throw an Interception at Home?

No. But if he does, he should throw it to Eric Berry the way Brett Favre did to Michael Strahan. That guy’s a beast… Berry, not Strahan.

>Spleen and Rib Injury Worries for Rodgers

Speaking of Rodgers, I am very concerned about him getting out of this game healthy. Not because of the Chiefs defense, but rather because when he sees Alex Smith play, he may bust a gut recalling how Smith was the number 1 overall pick and not him.

How Will the Chiefs Stop God’s Gift?

I don’t know how the Chiefs plan to stop Andrew Quarless, but it probably involves putting their slowest and least coordinated person on him. The way Quarless plays, the Chiefs could probably put punter, Dustin Colquitt on him and be effective.

A Chiefs Receiver Will Score a Touchdown

Before Super Bowl 32, I knew that the Packers were going to be responsible for the AFC breaking the NFC’s Super Bowl winning streak (that team hardly had any beards) and I also know that this team will finally give up a passing touchdown to a wide receiver. Packers will still win though.