Packers Eagles Preseason Takeaways

That game probably didn’t go as planned. Cobb got hurt on the first drive just like Nelson last week. Sam Barrington got beat like a rented mule in the passing game. We made Sam Bradford look like Vinny Testaverde. With all that being said, this beard is backing down from my Super Bowl proclamations.

Brett Hundley Rocks My Socks

It’s no surprise to me but Brett Hundley has established himself at the 3rd best quarterback in the NFL North. He can sling it, run it, stays poised in the pocket which makes him a triple threat. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he is the combination of the two previous regular starting quarterbacks for the Packers with the first being his first name “Brett” and the second being his number 7 (Don Majkowki).

Mike Daniels is a Badass and My Favorite Player

Although he didn’t qualify for the top 10 beards on the Packers roster, Mike Daniels is a certified badass and he proved in during the Gruber Law Offices sideline report with Rod Burks. Stating that he “never saw so many guys pissed off over a preseason game” makes me think that I don’t want to be Jay Cutler in week one. Actually, I don’t want to be Jay Cutler ever.

Special Teams is in Mid-season Form

Good to see that our special teams is ready to go for the season. They had 8 penalties yesterday (they had 12 total during the ’14 regular season) so it looks as if Ron Zook had brought change to the squad. What they lacked in discipline, they made up for by not being able to cover kicks. They also had a shitty night punting and Crosby even doinked one off of the goal posts. We call that “hitting for the cycle”.

I Have a Jarrett Bush Complex

Speaking off special teams, Quinten Rollins (24) got called for one of the 8 penalties and when I heard the referee say (number 24) I though to myself “fucking Jarrett Bush”. We call that football PTSD.

Resilient Bunch

Looks like we will once again be one of the deepest teams in the league. Sure our “1s” stunk it up but they will be just fine. Our “2s” and “3s” showed that there is no quit in their heart. They held the Eagles scoreless in the second half and even made Tim Tebow look like… well, Tim Tebow. If we have 10 more minutes we win that game.