Packers Saints Preseason Takeaways

The final preseason game is in the books and it ended with a win. Brett Hundely was slinging it again. Jeff Janis do what Jeff Janis do in the preseason; score touchdowns. No one (that I know of) got hurt. It was a beautiful night at Lambeau. Packers fans love players from Wisconsin.

Badgers Players

This is nothing new but Packers fans love former Badgers players, no matter how terrible they are. I remember it as early as Don Davey. It’s hit fever pitch with both Scott Tolzien and Jared Abbrederis on the team.

Jared Abbrederis

I knew I was in trouble when I heard Jared would be playing last night. Then, the Packers run him out there to return a punt and the crowd goes crazy. He makes a few good moves on the return, which had people proclaiming that with that return “he made the team”.  Really? He’s spent more time hurt than playing. His longest return was 17 yards. Those numbers may cut it in Minnesota but they don’t work here. He is maybe the 7th best receiver on the roster. If he were a black wide receiver from Wake Forest, Packers fans wouldn’t give a shit about him making the team. Luckily, Ted Thompson isn’t a homer like most fans and Abbrederis should be on the next bus out of town.

white people jared abbrederis

Scott Tolzien

I have no real beef with Tolzien but I think Hundley has shown himself to by a more dynamic quarterback with a much better arm. I don’t think there is a chance that Tolzien gets cut but in reality this is probably his last year with the team unless Hundley has a major setback. But fear not, next year the Packers fans will be clamoring for Ted Thompson to draft some Badger that’s the next big deal. Hey, if it means we get the next JJ Watt, I’m all game.

Our Defense Sucks… Like a Fox

I don’t know which flavor of ice cream is more plain than vanilla… maybe soy vanilla or low-fat vanilla or something, but that’s what the defense is playing. I think they’re just making other teams think that they can stroll right down the field on us so that that when the regular season rolls around, BOOM! And after week 1, you’ll be seeing this quite a bit.

Datone Jones

Datone Jones

Beer Races

I never understood the beer races at Lambeau Field. If I was the marketing team at Miller-Coors in charge of putting together that video, I would have Miller 64 win every race. If they’re trying to position it as the “healthiest” beer, it only makes sense. Miller Genuine Draft and Leinies would come in dead last.


Now, onto the season.