Packers Steelers Preseason Takeaways

Ah, you hate to see that. What looked like yet another win for the 13 time world champion Green Bay Packers, ended in defeat.  But the glass is always half full with rain drops from the silver lined cloud in Samson’s book so let’s look back so we can move forward.


So Jordy Nelson tore his ACL. Jump much? This pisses me off for a couple of reasons because not only is Jordy Nelson one hell of a receiver but Heinz was also my favorite ketchup. Now all I have are sour thoughts when I think about their product. That’s why I’m starting a boycott of all Heinz products until they replace the turf at Heinz Field. Feel free to save this picture and use it in your own boycott.

heinz boycott

Also, TJ Lang left with a concussion but lucky for him it was only a brain injury and not his knee.

olivia harlanSideline Reporting

I thought Olivia Harlan did a nice job yesterday. I didn’t actually hear her but she looked like she knew what she was doing.

It also shows that her dad, Kevin, has brass balls throwing his beautiful daughter down by a bunch of testosterone filled 20 something males looking to hump anything in sight. Well done Kevin. Well done.

I Know it’s Only Preseason But…

Jayrone Elliott makes Bruce Smith look like Jared DeVries, who makes Mike Mamula look like Joe Johnson.

…Mason Crosby’s kick would have been good from 80… in Death Valley… with a breeze blowing in.

Alonzo Harris couldn’t catch a cold at a daycare.

…Damarious Randall is going to the hall of fame.