Things to Watch for Versus the Saints

The final preseason game is about as meaningful as the WNBA Finals but it still must be played. I will be in attendance tonight along with my human to watch the game. Just look for the guy with the beard. So here are some things that you should watch for tonight.

Brett Hundley - Packers QBWhat is the Bounty on Tolzien and Hundley?

We know that Sean Payton and the Saints put a bounty on injuring the opposing team’s quarterback. With Matt Blanchard getting cut and the Packers sitting Aaron Rodgers, that only leaves Scott Tolzien and Brett Hundley to play quarterback. I can’t imagine the bounty would be that much considering they’re just backups. Plus the Saints are in salary cap hell and may not have the funds they used to have for bounties.

ron zookWill Ron Zook Get Fired During the Game

If the Packers Special Teams continue to play like absolute shit, it is possible. Last week they had 8 peanlties plus terrible coverage, punting and kicking. It would be amazing to see a guy get fired right on the field. Even if that doesn’t happen it would be cool to see a coach be part of the cuts that normally only happen to players after the last preseason game.

greg jenningsFuture Vikings

The Packers are at 75 players and have to be down to 53 on Saturday. That means flights from Green Bay to Minnesota will be pretty full as the Vikings will pounce on anyone the Packers cut. This also means that the Vikings have to get down to 31 players to make room for the Packers. It has worked well for the Vikings as their number one receiver was a guy that just wasn’t good enough to be part of the 13 time world champion Green Bay Packers.

jets fans losers4 More Quarters of Bad Football

The preseason from hell is almost over. We just have to get through 60 minutes unscathed and we can concentrate on week 1. Just remember when you’re watching that some fan bases have to watch this type of football during the regular season year after year. I’m looking at you Jets and Jaguars fans. So grab a drink, buckle up and enjoy the show.