Things to Watch for Versus the Steelers

Ah, the second preseason game is right around the corner and my beard is already in mid-season form. Some people don’t like the preseason but I do. It gives me a chance to see what a meaningless game is whereas our friends in the NFC North seem to be playing meaningless games every December.

mike-tomlin1. The Match-up of the Two Best Beards on the Sidelines

I’m glad that this is just a preseason game because Tomlin can go beard for beard with McCarthy. We found that out the hard way in 2013. I still think McCarthy’s is better but it will be interesting to watch nonetheless.

2. Test Run for the Season

I am looking forward to see how my kids respond to this game. With it being a noon kickoff, it will be a dry run for the regular season. Will the kids remember not to talk to me between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 pm or will they be a little rusty and need to be reminded? Last year they weren’t ready to fetch me beers yet but I hope with another year of experience they will be up to the challenge.

3. How Will the Game Affect the Ratings for Infomercials and Shitty Movies

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pissed that I am going to miss out on learning more about the 21 Day Fix, Airbrushed Beauty, Organic Juice Cleanse and watching Untamed Heart. I feel like those products could really make me healthier, but you know… fuck it.

channel lineup for sunday

rod burks4. Rod Burks insightful sideline reports and interviews

I always learn so much from his witty comments and insightful sidelines interviews.I still remember when Greg Jennings came out as a douchebag on live tv. Powerful, powerful stuff.

5. Drinking Everytime they Mention Mike McCarthy is from Pittsburgh

Ah he’s a blue collared guy from a tough blue collared city. He worked in a toll booth don’t you know? Looks like I’ll be drinking lots of Blackheart on Sunday.


So what are you looking forward to?