Transgender Bathroom Issue Solved

There has been a lot of bathroom controversies over the years including:

  • Who left the toilet seat up
  • The fiber log that refused to float away
  • How can your small penis miss such a huge bowl
  • and finally, transgender bathrooms

I can offer no assistance on the first 3 but I have a clear and simple solution for the last one: one bathroom for people with beards and one for people without.

transgender bathroom doors

It makes sense. If you have a beard, you know you’re a man. Without a beard, who can tell? That’s probably what happened with Caitlyn Jenner. When she was Bruce, he probably looked at his clean shaven face in the mirror and though ‘wow, I really look like a chick and now I’m even starting to feel like one.’ I can’t see Chuck Norris switching teams or being confused about his gender.

I think this is the only fair way to divvy up our restrooms moving forward.