Will the Packers Beat the Piss Out of the Jaguars? Yes.

The NFL season is here and the quest for the 14th World Championship starts today in Jacksonville. While the Packers will easily manhandle the Jaguars, there are some things to watch out for during the game that could affect the outcome.

Will Eddie Lacy be Fat?

Eddie Lacy is so fat he could never watch game film without a large tub of popciornWhile I sit here eating Cheetos, I can’t help but wonder if Eddie Lacy will be in better shape this year. They say he put in alot of work this offseason but he still looks big to me. I did get a chance to talk to his mother and she assured me that he is perfect at any size. I think he will roll over the Jaguars and get a well deserved post game treat.

Will Mike McCarthy have Shaved?

Last year, Mike McCarthy has a beard all preseason, only to shave it for the first game. Needless to say, we played like shit against Chicago and this also led to the curse that affected our offense for the second half of the season. Will he do it again? If he does, the Packers could be in big trouble.

Make them Pass

I hope the Packers can build a substantial lead for multiple reasons. First, it would reduce the stress in my life, which my doctor suggests I do. Second, we could get our younger players some live game action. But most importantly, some of us have Jaguar receivers on our fantasy teams and we need them to pass… alot. If the Packers could be ahead by 20-24 points, this would force the Jaguars to throw alot and hopefully the Packers will play prevent defense allowing alot of yards.