10 Packers I Knew Would Be Stars Based on Their Preseason Performance

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, I am quick to point when someone’s going to be star, even though it is just the preseason. This tradition of picking future superstars has lasted over 25 years since my first year of watching the Packers religiously in 1989. So here are all of the players I knew were going to be superstars based on their preseason performances:

10. Vai Sikahema

Vai had been in the league for years but I knew he would really break out with the Packers. In a preseason game against Buffalo, he returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, almost returned a punt for a touchdown (he was caught at the 3 yard line) and scored on a reception. There just wasn’t enough other talent on that team to support him.

9. Kregg Lumpkin

I don’t know how we were so lucky to land Kregg as an undrafted free agent considering he was the #2 running back in the country coming out of high school. But that’s why Ted Thompson’s a wizard. He had all the potential in the world but I think politics got involved or something so that’s why he’s not here anymore.

8. David Clowney

It seems like a lot of the guys on this list are dual threats, which bodes really well for Ty Montgomery and Jeff Janis this year. It’s too bad he arrived in 2007 which was the the crossroads for the Packers with the changing of the guards from Favre to Rodgers. He could be a go to guy to this very day.

7. Jason Chery

He was the most electric #13 since Chris Jacke. He was an explosive return specialist. I knew it, McCarthy knew it and even Jon Gruden knew it. I think his issue was that he was too fast and would run into blockers.

6. Scott McGarrahan

He was a hardworking, blue collar, high motor, tough farm kid and whatever else they only say about white players. He was a combination of Tim Hauck, Chuck Cecil and Merton Hanks all rolled into one.

5. LeShon Johnson

Johnson was a speed demon. If defenders missed him, he was gone. I still remember a game where he had a 43 yard run. He ended up with 42 yards on the ground that game. He actually played in the NFL for 6 years but then decided to get into dogfighting before Michael Vick made it cool.

4. Mike Montgomery

Mike was Sean Jones 2.0. He even had the same number. A big, tall, defensive end that wreaked havoc on opposing offenses. He had 5 career sacks putting him just shy of Bruce Smith’s all time record. He also has the not-so-unique distinction of being one of the many players that went to Minnesota after Green Bay.

3. Herbert “Whisper” Goodman

Herbert Goodman sounds like the name of an Optometrist from Naples, Florida but no, he was one badass running back. He had the attitude our team needed. He was a mixed martial artist, who could also return kicks. So what was his final career stat line you ask? 4 carries for -3 yards and 2 fumbles. So take that!

2. Chastin West

If I would say, “Packers receiver. Number 17. Fresno State.” You would probably respond with Davante Adams, but you’d be wrong. I’m thinking Chastin West. He was an absolute stud with a ton of potential. Hey Donald Driver, pack your bags we have a storm coming in from the west. Well that didn’t happen as his 4 years NFL career has already ended. However he did have 13 career catches and 2 touchdowns. I wish every receiver we have would average a touchdown every 6.5 catches.

1. De’Mond Parker

Parker is probably the best running back to ever come out of Oklahoma. I thought he was special watching him in the preseason but had know idea just how good he could be until he dropped a hundo and two touchdown on the Bears in 1999 and breaking out the “hot feet” celebration. Apparently football wasn’t for him though. He was more interested in running crack than footballs

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