10 Reasons Preseason Football is Awesome

Some people think preseason football sucks but not me. You just have to know what to watch for just like:

10. Vanilla Schemes

They say it as a negative but I love vanilla. I’m actually surprised we are still able to say that is this day and age. What’s wrong with chocolate?

9. Empty Stadiums

I love that people pay good money to attend the game but leave after the first quarter. Even the worst player on either team’s roster was still an incredibly good college football player. So people will fill 100,000 seat college stadiums to watch a game where 99% of the players will never have the talent to play in the NFL but won’t wait around to watch guys on the bubble for a preseason game.

8. Broadcasters are in Preseason Form Too

The new commentating crew. The awkward exchanges. The forced banter. The sideline reporters.

7. The Money. My God the Money!

*This only applies if you are an owner

6. Fans of Terrible Teams Getting Excited for the Season

I’m looking at you Vikings, Browns, Bills, et al fans

5. The Injuries

Seeing guys lost for the season before it ever begins. Having their hopes and dreams crushed… On second thought, it’s pretty tragic. I wish I hadn’t added it to my top 10. Oh well.

4. Football 5 Nights a Week

More football is always better. There’s never anything else on tv anyway. Plus, by having football on all the time during the preseason it makes the regular season not seem so bad. When the regular season rolls around, I can say to my wife “hey, at least it’s not on five nights a week”

3. Having to Preface Everything with “I Know It’s Only the Preseason”

“I know it’s only preseason but BJ Coleman has an arm!”. “I know it’s only preseason but Frank Zombo is a beast!”.

2. The Utter Indifference of the Veterans

They are just like the fans. Once they’re done playing, they stand on the sidelines with their pads off because apparently pads are way too heavy to wear when standing on the sidelines. They’re joking around, looking at the stands, laughing at the guys trying hard to make the team. It almost as if they threw a $5 bill down and are making two homeless crackheads wrestle for it.

1. Bad Football is Still Better than Great Baseball

Sorry baseball fans but it’s true. I use baseball to get me to August and then I could care less. I would rather watch Tyrod Taylor play quarterback for the Bills than Clayton Kershaw pitch for the Dodgers.

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