12 Teams Without a Lombardi Trophy

There are still 12 teams in the NFL that have never won a Super Bowl (4 have never even been to a Super Bowl). Will their luck change this year? Probably not, but just for shits and grins, I’m going to rank how likely each of those 12 teams will come to bringing home their first Lombardi.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars

Leave it to them to ruin the most promising quarterback since Peyton Manning. The silver lining is that the Jaguars don’t have enough fans to even care that they’re terrible.

11. Houston Texans

Call me old fashioned but why didn’t Deshaun Watson just rent a hooker. Those massage parlors have set this franchise back big time.

10. Detroit Lions

They have no chance of winning a Super Bowl anytime soon but with Dan Campbell in charge, they will lead the league in biting kneecaps.

9. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is the most overrated quarterback in the league. He really should be a backup. As they say in Atlanta, “we may not be good, but we’re old”.

8. Carolina Panthers

They looked so promising not that long ago. Now they can’t even compete in one of the worst divisions in football. Christian McCaffrey is a lot like decorative pillows, he may be wonderful but you can’t use him.

7. Minnesota Vikings

Look at me giving some credit to the Vikings. I think they have a nice stadium. Now that I got those compliments out of the way, the Vikings have no chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next three years at least. They’re only hope right now is that Rodgers leaves and Jordan Love doesn’t continue the trend of dominance in the division.

6. Cleveland Browns

You don’t know how badly I want to see Cleveland in the Super Bowl but I just can’t see it. Ever since Baltimore pimp slapped them by taking their team and winning a championship a few years later, I’ve been convinced that Cleveland may never win Super Bowl. I’m just hoping they can keep a coach longer than two years.

5. Tennessee Titans

They may be the current number one seed in the AFC but a team with Ryan Tannehill isn’t winning a Super Bowl. He’s the Matt Ryan of the AFC.

4. Los Angeles Chargers

I like so much about the Chargers. I think they have a great Quarterback but they also find a way to lose games. The most Jekyll and Hyde team on the list.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Eventually they will win a playoff game. They are one of the teams to beat in the AFC this year. The Bengals were my second favorite team as a kid so if the Packers don’t win, I hope the Bengals do.

2. Arizona Cardinals

Could this streak break this year? There is a good possibility. The Cardinals are one of the most complete teams in a long time. Unfortunately, they are trending in the wrong direction and winning it this year probably means coming through Lambeau and that ain’t happening.

1. Buffalo Bills

Somewhat similar to the Chargers in that they play great against good teams and poorly against bad teams. This is good news in the playoffs as you are only playing good teams. After the Packers win this year’s Super Bowl, I hope the Bills and Bengals are next in line.

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