13 Teams Without a Lombardi Trophy

There are still 13 teams in the NFL that have never won a Super Bowl (4 have never even been to a Super Bowl). Will their luck change this year? Probably not, but just for shits and grins, I’m going to look rank how likely each of those 14 teams will come to bringing home their first Lombardi.

13. Cleveland Browns

You don’t know how badly I want to see Cleveland in the Super Bowl but I just can’t see it. Ever since Baltimore pimp slapped them by taking their team and winning a championship a few years later, I’ve been convinced that Cleveland may never win Super Bowl. I’m just hoping they can keep a coach longer than two years.

12. Tennessee Titans

They have a promising young quarterback but that’s about it. They also have one of the worst coaches in the game (besides Jeff Fisher). I feel sorry for Titans fans.

11. Buffalo Bills

Good news, Rex Ryan just guaranteed a Super Bowl for the Bills. Before they can win a Super Bowl they have to win the division. Before they can win the division, they have to be able to beat the Patriots. Neither one of those is happening so they will continue to enjoy the bottom of the AFC East.

10. Detroit Lions

Wasn’t that cute when they looked like contenders for a few years? It’s good to seem that back to their old underachieving selves. They are going to squander the only decent quarterback they’ve had in their last 60 years.

9. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia fans will now have a new quarterback to hate in second overall pick, Carson Wentz. Unlike Cleveland, I don’t think the city of Philadelphia deserves a championship and I don’t have to worry about them winning one anytime soon.

8. San Diego Chargers

Much like the Lions wasting Staffords career, the Chargers are doing the same thing with Philip Rivers. They refuse to pay people and that’s why they won’t win a Super Bowl with the current ownership group.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is the most overrated quarterback in the league. He really should be a backup. Unlike the Lions and Chargers, the Falcons quarterback has wasted the talent around him. They don’t have a defense either. The sooner they realize Matt Ryan is not the answer, the sooner they will come to taking home their first Lombardi.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars

The London Jaguars on the right track but the question becomes, will they win a Super Bowl before moving to London or will they be the first non-American team to win a World Championship?

5. Minnesota Vikings

Look at me giving some credit to the Vikings. I think they have a decent coach and a nice stadium. Now that I got those compliments out of the way, the Vikings have no chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next two years at least. They’re next good chance will be after 12 retires from the Packers.

4. Houston Texans

I think the Texans actually have a decent chance depending on how Brock Osweiler plays. They play in a very old AFC that is ripe for some change. As we’ve seen with the Seahawks and Broncos in recent years, a great defense with an average quarterback can win Super Bowls.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Eventually they will win a playoff game. They should be the team to beat in the AFC this year. The Bengals were my second favorite team as a kid so if the Packers don’t win, I hope the Bengals do.

2. Carolina Panthers

They came close last year but they will have a much tougher time this year. The NFC is packed with good teams. If they do make it back to the Super Bowl, hopefully they bring their offense with them.

1. Arizona Cardinals

Could this streak break this year? There is a good possibility. The Cardinals are one of the most complete teams in a long time. They have a great coach and the combination of a great defense with a good quarterback that has been successful in years past.