31 Other Incredible NFL Feats

We all know Aaron Rodger’s interception (or non-interception) streak is incredible. But there’s 31 other teams with impressive streaks going on that we should acknowledge.

Atlanta Falcons

They have gone 8 years without a quarterback being arrested for dog fighting

Arizona Cardinals

They have gone 68 years without winning a championship

Baltimore Ravens

They’ve gone 20 years without stealing another city’s team

Buffalo Bills

They have the longest streak of complaining about a call (Music City Miracle) of 15 years

Carolina Panthers

They’ve gone 20 straight years with having an NFL franchise

Chicago Bears

Soldier Field has been voted worst playing surface for 44 straight years

 Cincinnati Bengals

Their last playoff win came against a team that isn’t even in the league any more (Houston Oilers)

Cleveland Browns

Since they re-joined the league in 1999, they have gone all 16 years without a professional quarterback

Dallas Cowboys

They have the longest tenured General Manager in the league and he’s not getting fired anytime soon

Denver Broncos

They’ve gone 5 years without drafting a fullback in the first round to play quarterback

Detroit Lions

They have not won in Wisconsin since 1991

Houston Texans

They’ve gone almost two years without their coach having a stroke on the field

Indianapolis Colts

They’ve gone 3 years without throwing a season to get the top pick

Jacksonville Jaguars

They have picked in the top five of the NFL draft for four straight years and in the top 10 for eight straight years

Kansas City Chiefs

They’ve gone one season without blowing a 28 point lead in the 3rd quarter of a playoff game

Miami Dolphins

They’ve had 15 straight years of fans saying ‘screw it, let’s go to the beach’ on Sundays during football season

Minnesota Vikings

They’ve gone almost 5 years without the roof of their stadium collapsing

New England Patriots

They’ve gone 6 minutes without cheating… a new record!!

New Orleans Saints

They’ve gone 5 years without putting a bounty on opposing team’s quarterbacks (I think)

New York Giants

They’ve gone 39 straight years calling themselves the ‘New York’ Giants even though they play all of their home games in New Jersey

New York Jets

They’ve been the second best team in ‘New York’ for the past 46 years

Oakland Raiders

They’ve gone 12 years without intimidating any one

 Pittsburgh Steelers

They’ve gone 23 straight years with having a coach with facial hair

Philadelphia Eagles

They’ve broken their fans hearts for 54 straight years

San Diego Chargers

They’ve gone 55 years without anyone in San Diego giving a crap about them

San Francisco 49ers

They’ve gone a few months without any of their players retiring

Seattle Seahawks

They’ve gone two games without throwing a slant pass on the one yard line

St. Louis Rams

They’ve gone 20 years without moving the franchise  (remind me to change this one when they move back to Los Angeles after the 2016 season)

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They’ve gone 39 years without any one questioning why they’re called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when their city is just ‘Tampa’

 Tennessee Titans

They’ve gone nine years without having one of their defensive tackles step on an opposing players head with their cleats

 Washington Redskins

They’ve gone 16 years without a competent owner


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