Aaron Rodgers is Great and Jamaal Charles is a Douche

Packers are 3-0 just as predicted by Jason, Samson and Mascot by easily handling the Kansas City Chiefs. Samson also proved why he has the number 1 rated football blog written by a beard by correctly predicting that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t throw an interception AND that a Chiefs wide receiver would score a touchdown, breaking their embarrassingly shameful streak.

Did Nick Perry Eat a Bunch of Chili Peppers Before the Game or Something?

I haven’t seen speed like that from him…. ever. That speed is only attainable when playing with explosive diarrhea. Great job taking one for the team Nick; you’ve earned that day off on the toilet.

Great Terrible Camera Angles, ESPN

I appreciate ESPN’s innovative way to make me feel like I got the worst tickets possible for the game. There’s nothing like seeing a goal line play from the last row of the Brown County seats. Maybe next time they can put it behind a guy with a cheesehead or beach ball so I get the full experience of being at the game.

Fan Duel and Draft Kings

I had never heard of these websites before last night. Have you? In all seriousness, I love Chris Prince, the guy in the black-quasi Greg Jennings jersey. That and the guy that say’s that Fan Duel’s made his Sunday’s allllllllllllllllllot more interesting.

Ted Thompsons Creepy Clap

Damn, that’s creepy. Who claps like that? That clap normally precedes the line “I’d love to have you for dinner”.

Packers Cardinals Championship Game

The Packers and Cardinals might as well play the NFC Championship game right now. Don’t mention the Falcons or Panthers either, those teams aren’t real.

Jamaal Charles

I’ll be honest; I never knew he was a douchebag before last night’s game. I always thought he was a humble guy kind of like Eddie Lacy. Perhaps you shouldn’t do ‘the belt’ when your team is getting its ass kicked. Just work on not fumbling when your team is just trying to run out the clock first and then you can create touchdown celebrations. I feel bad for anyone who had to compete against this asshole in the Special Olympics.

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