Are the Chiefs the Vikings of the AFC?

By now everyone knows that the Vikings live to pick off of the Packers trash pile, but did you know that there is a bizzaro Vikings team in the AFC? It’s this week’s opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, it’s not exactly the same as they don’t have a roster loaded with former Packers but you do certainly see former Packers all throughout their franchise

Frank Zombo

I have already pointed out how I knew Frank Zombo was going to be a star. Zombo was a monster in Super Bowl XLV but thanks to the depth that Ted Thompson built at linebacker, he became expendable. He is currently in his third season in KC.

Dezman Moses

Dezman Moses was in that mix of late round draft picks or undrafted linebackers that were great finds. That list also contains Erik Walden, Jamari Lattimore, Vic So’to, D.J Smith and Andy Mulumba. Dezman was always a good special teamer and he has four career sacks which is one shy of Mike Montgomery. He is also in his third year on the Chiefs. 

Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson was probably the best backup quarterback in Packers history, maybe even better than Anthony Dilweg. He obviously took what he learned from that pear shaped loser Mike Sherman as well as the ole Gunslinger and has used it to turn the Chiefs into an offensive juggernaut whose receivers score as much as a fat boy with asthma wearing a Babylon Five t-shirt.

Andy Reid

Andy, was of course both a tight ends and quarterback coach with the Packers during the Mike Holmgren years. He wasn’t good enough to beat out Ray Rhodes for the vacant coaching position in 1999 however and that’s is how he ended up in Philadelphia for 14 years. Which is too bad becuase he always looked like the guy that would really enjoy living in the land of beer and cheese.

John Dorsey

This one is a double whammy. In addition to playing linebacker (notice a theme going here?) for the Packers from 1984 to 1989, Dorsey is best known for his work in the Packers front office from 1997 to 1999 and from  2000 until  2013 holding titles of both Director of College Scouting and Director of Football Operations. He is now the General Manager for the Chiefs and will try to draft and develop players instead of having to compete with the Vikings for players the Packers cut.

For what it’s worth, I don’t fault the Chiefs (or Vikings) one bit. When there’s a franchise that has won an NFL record 13 world championships, I would do everything I could to be like them too.

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