#asksamson May 16, 2016

#asksamson May 16, 2015

Every week, Samson takes time to answer your questions about beards, the Packers, football and life in general. You can submit your questions on Twitter to @samsonbeard or on facebook at facebook.com/samsonthebeard and use the hashtag #asksamson.

Mitchell from Des Moines, IA asks “I love instant replay but I would love to get your thoughts. Don’t you think it’s made the game better”?

Hi Mitchell, No it has not made the game better. In fact, it has made the game exponentially worse. I like to call reviews,  “women moments” because they always interrupt the game at the most exciting time and take 5 minutes to make a simple decision (and still usually be wrong). Let’s just go back to the good ole days of when a ref made a mistake you dealt with it by threatening him and his family. Those were simpler times.

Brent from Duluth, MN asks “Why do you always pick on the Vikings? It’s getting a little old”

I do apologize Brent but their team is so horrible and their fans talk so much shit. I don’t pick on the Bears that much because at least they have tradition, have won championships and their fans have the balls to sit outdoors. I don’t pick on the Lions much because at least their fans realize they’re terrible. But you’re right, I shouldn’t continually pick on a fan base that had to endure:

  • Going 15-1 and missing an easy field goal and blowing a 7 point lead at home to the Falcons in the NFC Championship game
  • Missing a draft selection
  • Blowing an 11 point lead with under 2 minutes to play to the hapless Cardinals to miss the playoffs
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Brad Childress

Kara from Oconto, WI asks “Who do you support for President in the 2016 election“?

How bout nobody? I can either pick between a woman or guys that want to look like women. No thanks. There hasn’t been a President with facial hair since 1913 and the last bearded President was Benjamin Harrison from 1889-1893. This nation has gone down the crapper ever since. I will not vote for a face shaver.

Dylan from De Pere, WI asks “My job prohibits beards. What should I do“?

Run like the wind my friend. Your employer must not value honesty and hard word. Let’s look at industries that traditionally have bearded men: lumberjacks, construction workers and miners. All tough, honest careers. Now let’s look at industries where men shave their faces: politics (above), finance and lawyers. Three of the crookedest professions out there.

Paige from Oshkosh, WI asks “How can women support #beardmode“?

Paige, I appreciate your support. You will never know what it’s like to have a beard and I will never know what it’s like to go through childbirth. You can support #beardmode by boycotting places that prohibit beards, encouraging your significant other to grow a beard (and hide all the razors in the house) and by sharing the posts from this blog to help spread the word.

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