Don’t Question the Highly Successful Football Coach

I went to school with a guy named Trevor. Trevor was a numbnuts. One year, we were in the same group with two other people for a project. Trevor didn’t add much to the project and read most of his presentation off of a piece of paper. We ended up doing well on the project and no one was more psyched than Trevor, proclaiming that “we killed it!”

That brings me to Mike McCarthy. As you may know, after getting the Packers got the shit kicked out of them by the Tennessee Titans, the old ball coach got a bit defensive about his record as a coach. On one hand it was nice to see someone on the Packers get defensive because we know Ernest Dom Capers isn’t going to. McCarthy said, “Let’s just state the facts: I’m a highly successful NFL head coach”

While I can’t argue with his record, I can say that Mike is Trevor. He has had TWO Hall of Fame quarterbacks in his time as coach which has resulted in one Super Bowl win. John Harbaugh has won consistently with Joe Flacco. I think the only coach to do less with more talent is Sean Payton. A highly successful football coach wouldn’t tolerate a lackluster defense.

This isn’t Minnesota Mike; we don’t celebrate playoff appearances in this town. Yes, you’re a highly successful football coach just like Mike Sherman was a highly successful football coach, only Mike coached under Bob Harlan as President who didn’t tolerate mediocrity like Mark Murphy does. Stop ruining Aaron Rodgers’ career.

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