A Farewell to Adrian Peterson in Minnesota

The Adrian Peterson era in Minnesota is over. He will surely be remembered as an all time great. I think what he will be remembered for the most, besides assaulting a child, will be for that one playoff game the Vikings won during his tenure.

As Vikings fans everywhere will tell you, you can’t measure the greatness of a player or coach based on something silly like wins and championships. You need to look deeper like how many yards someone compiled once a game was out of reach or in Sam Bradford’s case, his amazing completion percentage on passes under 10 yards. Those are the things hall of famers are made of.

For what it’s worth, without Adrian Peterson, the Vikings probably wouldn’t have won any playoff games. He at least gave Vikings fans hope which is always adorable. You may be an asshole on a personal level Adrian, but you did compile a bunch of yards. Here’s to that.

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