Giving Every NFL Head Coach a Nickname [Updated 2023]

Everyone used to have a nickname back in the good ole days so I wanted to recreate those simpler times by giving each NFL Head Coach a nickname.

AFC East

Sean “Opie” McDermott

Buffalo Bills

Mike “Eminem” McDaniel

Miami Dolphins

“Cheatin” Bill Belichick

New England Patriots

Robert “In Over My Bald Head” Saleh

New York Jets

AFC South

DeMeco “The Freako” Ryans

Houston Texans

“Sugar” Shane Steichen

Indianapolis Colts

Doug “DP” Pederson

Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike “Fuck Consonants” Vrabel

Tennessee Titans

AFC North

John “The Other” Harbaugh

Baltimore Ravens

Zac “Kinda Fat But Not Really” Taylor

Cincinnati Bengals

Kevin “Old Folks Chad” Stefanski

Cleveland Browns

Mike “The Cross” Tomlin

Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC West

Sean “McCarthy” Payton

Denver Broncos

Andy “Mustache Ride” Reid

Kansas City Chiefs

Brandon “Prepubescent” Staley

Los Angeles Chargers

Josh “Fat Face” McDaniels

Las Vegas Raiders

NFC East

Mike “Big Mac” McCarthy

Dallas Cowboys

Brian “Not Flores” Daboll

New York Giants

Nick “Son of the Shovel Slayer” Sirianni

Philadelphia Eagles

“Riverboat” Ron Rivera

Washington Football Team

NFC South

Arthur “FedEx” Smith

Atlanta Flacons

“The Shovel Slayer” Frank Reich

Carolina Panthers

Dennis “Bout To Get Fired Again” Allen

New Orleans Saints

Todd “The Movement” Bowles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC North

Matt “I Can’t Be As Bad As The Past 3 Coaches” Eberflus

Chicago Bears

Dan “Kneecap Biter” Campbell

Detroit Lions

Matt “Lombardi” LaFleur

Green Bay Packers

Kevin “The Koc” Kevin O’Connell

Minnesota Vikings

NFC West

Jonathan “Rich” Gannon

Arizona Cardinals

Sean “The Haircut” McVay

Los Angeles Rams

Kyle “Thanks for the Job, Dad” Shanahan

San Francisco 49ers

Pete “Horses Ass” Carroll

Seattle Seahawks

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