If Russell Wilson Stayed at NC State

If you ask Packers’ fans who their favorite quarterback is, most will say Aaron Rodgers. If you ask them who their second favorite quarterback, you will most likely hear ‘Russell Wilson’. I mean what’s not to love? He’s a stand up guy. He’s won a Super Bowl. He went to Wisconsin for a year. That last part is why most Packers’ fans love him. As I’ve written before, most Packers’ fans dream of a team made up of Wisconsin Badgers. That’s why they thought it was bullshit that Jared Abbrederis was cut. That’s why everyone thought they should draft Chris Borland. I’m sure a few people wish he had Nick Toon or Lance Kendricks. I’ll never forgot where I was when the Packers didn’t make a play for Jim Leonhard. I think John Clay is still available. Quick! Montee Ball’s on the waiver wire! Sign him! Sign him!

Back to the point at hand. If Russell Wilson never transfers to Wisconsin, Packers fans don’t give a shit about him. They care about him as much as they do for Philip Rivers, another NC State quarterback. You don’t see alot of those jersey’s around.

I chose to think of Russell Wilson as an NC State quarterback who spent one year at Wisconsin. Personally I think he sucks and have a feeling he has some skeletons in his closet.

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