Jerry Rice’s Whack Ass Twitter Account

Someone needs to check in on the GOAT. I follow him on Twitter and for as good as he was on the field, he equally bad behind his screen. He hits us with the most room temperature takes. Look at this scorcher

He will also go in to Tony Robbins mode, or at least 16 year old girl who is “so over all the drama” even though she isn’t remotely over the drama mode with these deep thoughts.

I know what you’re thinking, “ok Samson, you picked some of his worst tweets, but I bet he brought straight heat for the Super Bowl – the biggest game in Football”.

Well he tweeted twice during the Super Bowl


Come on Big Jer, you’ve earned the right to say some controversial shit. Say the earth is flat. Call some random white guy a honkey. Shoot on the Young – Montana situation. Do something quick because I’m seriously concerned that robots have started taking over and started with your Twitter account.

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