Lambeau Field Needs a New Nickname – I Propose The G Spot

If I am to believe the thought leaders in LinkedIn, everything is about branding. With this in mind, I think Lambeau Field needs a new nickname. The Frozen Tundra worked for a while but I think we need something fresh and non-redundant. Ohio State’s stadium is called the horseshoe. In the early 90’s, they called the Astrodome the House of Pain (and no one was jumping around). The Metrodome was called the Shithole. So what do we call Lambeau Field? Look at the midfield logo and it’s obvious: The G Spot.

Think of similarities: Lambeau Field is legendary, brings a lot of excitement and pleasure, and some guys are unable to find it. For people that don’t want to be vulgar, they could simply refer to it as “The Spot” which would also make sense as there is only one stadium like Lambeau Field.

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