LEAKED! Andrew Quarless Blackmailing Ted Thompson

My sources tell me that Andrew Quarless has incriminating photographs of Ted Thompson and that is the reason Quarless still has a roster spot. I don’t know if it’s true or not but ESPN had never let that stop them from reporting a story. I believe the reports to be true because why else would “Q” still have a job?

“Q” is entering his 6th season (with one and a half lost due to injury) and so far he has a total of 85 receptions for 909 yards. So hay, maybe he’ll go over a thousand yards this season… for his career. He has a career high of 32 catches in a season and last season only had 29. As Kramer would say, those numbers ain’t gonna cut it in this town.

So what are in those pictures? Is there that elusive picture of Ted Thompson smiling? Is the photo of Ted talking to an unrestricted free agent? Dogfighting? Hot tub prom parties? WHAT!? All I know is that is must be pretty bad.

So it looks like we will be putting up with Gods Gift for another season. Apparently Quarless is is God’s version of Boggle.

How I long for the days of Donald Lee being our tight end. Hay, there’s something I never thought I would say.

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