Kiss our Cook's Tight End

Lombardi Avenue Packers Fence Ideas for 2016

Growing up in Titletown, I used to always look forward to the Packers fence (singular) along Lombardi Avenue getting a new slogan. They were punny and fun, now they just suck. They have something like ‘through something and pain the pack will reign’. one is a comic of Eddie Lacy as the hulk and he responded by turning in his fattest season ever. Finally, there was a fence of Packers legends against a green background. My point is, they were all terrible. Here are some ideas to bring the fence back to the style of yesteryear.

Inspired by Free Agent Tight End Jared Cook

Kiss our Cook's Tight End

Getting Political

Not Another 4 Years of those Clinton Dix

Mildly Inappropriate

Your Bout to get Teabagged with a Clay Sack

Sorry I’m Not Home Right Now But

Leave a Message at Datone

Learn it or Get Out

Cheese. Learn to speak out lang wedge

Ridin Dirty

They see me rollins. They hatin.

First of Two Eddie Lacy Fat Signs

Lacy Looks in Starks Contrast to Last Year

Eddie Lacy With a Sprinkle of Sam Barrington

Finally Lacy Not Barrington of Weight

One We Can All Agree On

Banjo Buck and Troy Aikman From announcing Our Games

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