Loop This Playlist for Playoff Wins

Back in 2010/11, I started a tradition before the game against the Eagles of by creating a playlist of the best EDM and 80’s progressive rock / soundtrack/ montage that I would loop all weekend. I want to share my list with you so that you can join in.

Sandstorm by Darude

This is really the most important one. We could probably just loop this song and be safe but I don’t want to take my chanced.

Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim

It has a simple message; right here, right now.

Going the Distance by Bill Conti (Rocky Soundtrack)

In order for this list not to be 50 songs long, I had to choose one song from the Rocky movies so I chose this one. BUt feel free to add any of them to your playlist

You’re The Best Around by Joe Esposito (Karate Kid Soundtrack)

It worked for Daniel son didn’t it?

Ya’ll Must Have Forgot by Roy Jones Jr.

…And they got the nerve to say I ain’t fight nobody; I just make ’em look like nobody

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