Mailsack: Thoughts on Fights This Preseason

Q: Samson, don’t you think something should be done to stop the fights that have been happening at training camp?

While it’s true that the major sports channels have been showing video of these “fights” I don’t think they’re a problem. For starters, they’re not fights; they’re shoving matches. You can’t wear 10 pounds worth of padding plus a helmet and say your fighting. That only works with jousting. For something to be a fight, there has to be knuckles or weapons hitting flesh. If you want to fight someone, you have to risk getting knocked out for the opportunity to knock someone else out.In these sissy shoving matches, guys are trying to intimidate people and show that they’re tough without actually having to be tough.

There Should Be Fighting

I think that there should be “actual” fighting though. I think it would be cool if all of the guys on the bubble, had to actually fight for their spot. How awesome would it be to see Raijon Neal take on John Crockett in a no holds barred, 12 round fight. How about Andy Phillips vs Matt Rotheram in the heavyweight division? They could sell tickets and tv rights to generate extra revenue. Finally, we could find out just how tough these guys are.

Until that glorious idea comes to fruition, please stop calling shoving matches, fights.

Now this is a fight: