McCarthy’s Face to Blame For Packers Lackadaisical Effort

Game one is in the books and as expected, the 13 time world champion Green Bay Packers are 1-0. Just like the strippers at the former Green Bay Gentlemen’s club, the Body Shop, it wasn’t pretty. It all began when I woke up to this tweet.

What the hell is Mike McCarthy thinking shaving his beard? Did his wife, and former wife of Green Bay Packaging CEO Will Kress make him do it? Did the Patriots send him a bunch of Gillette razors? Did he see Joe Buck’s quasi beard and think that he looked as terrible?  One thing is for sure, I will have seriously update my beard grades and coaches nicknames, and not for the better.

That Moment You Realize That Brad Jones is No Longer on the Team

There was a play in the second quarter where I saw a Packers linebacker (I’m not sure which one) and I thought to myself “fucking, Brad Jones” but then I realized, hey, Brad Jones is no longer on the team. It was just another player doing something stupid.

Nate Palmer Has Replaced A.J. Hawk

Speaking of bad linebackers, it’s nice to see that Nate Palmer has replaced A.J. Hawk at making tackles six yards down field. Why try to make a play at the line when you can wait for the running back to arrive into your waiting arms as he carries you for a few extra yards. Now, if Palmer can get burned by a slow tight end coming off a hamstring injury like A.J. did, I know he’ll be here to stay.

James Jones Looks Like Former Packers Receiver James Jones

Is it me or did that new guy James Jones look like a receiver that was on our Super Bowl team? Jones was his name I think. James Jones.  Same number an everything. Making acrobatic catches. And how bout that beard he was sporting? No surprise he dominated the monsters of the Midway.


Bears Were Smart by Limiting Jay’s Throws

The Bears did an excellent job most of the game by hiding their biggest weak spot; Jay Cutler. The Bears moved the ball with ease by running Matt Forte and Cutler throwing the ball within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. It wasn’t until they were forced to throw actual passes that Jay showed his true colors and threw the game winning pick to Clay Matthews. Smart, smart game plan by the Bears.

We Missed Datone Jones

I wrote about it in my Packers – Bears preview and I was spot on. Our defense seemed lost without a leader like Datone out there. If he plays, Matt Forte only has 47 yards rushing instead of 141 and the Bears only score 4 points. In addition to missing Jones, it seems as though the Packers defenders had lube on their hands as they were unable to tackle any one on their first attempt. Either that or the Bears took a page out of the Patriots playbook and put bacon grease on their jerseys.

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