Beard Free Agents - Ryan Fitzpatrick

Pay the Beard: Fitz vs the Jets

Last year Ragnar demanded $20,000 per game from the Vikings to be their mascot. I thought it was in their best interest to pay the man. He was the only respectable thing on the Vikings and you would have to pay me close to $500,000 per game to go watch that horrible team 8 times a year. The Vikings didn’t meet his demands and what happened? Their kicker missed a chip shot field goal in the playoffs.

That brings me to the latest standoff between the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Part of me doesn’t want to the Jets to pay Fitz because they would almost be impossible to beat with that beard at quarterback but I also feel that he deserves to be paid. His beard alone is worth $7 million per year. Then add in his Harvard education and were already in the neighborhood of $9 million. Finally, consider the fact that he was first team all beard last year and he should be making about $20 million per year. Considering he plays in New York, that could probably get him a one bedroom apartment.

But, the Jets are the Jets and they probably won’t pay him. Sad day for beards. Sad day for the Jets. Sad day for society as a whole.

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