Philip Rivers’ Amazingly Average Day

What a performance by Philip Rivers on Sunday! I mean, he threw for over 500 yards! He couldn’t be stopped (unless you mean at the end of the game by the goal line). Praise is all around for Philip Rivers and his performance against the Packers. In fact, this morning I open my ProFootballTalk app and I see they released their power rankings for the week and the Packers dropped 1 spot from number two to number three. Now, I don’t really care about where their ranked, put them at number 32 for all I care, because these rankings are as meaningless as a Justin Bieber song. What I do take issue with is the reasoning behind it

3. Packers (6-0; No. 2): It’s hard to hold the No. 2 spot when giving up more than 500 yards passing.

Who gives a shit? They gave up 500 yards and only 20 points. This is on the same scale as the Drew Brees passing yardage records. It’s pretty easy to break passing records when you throw it 50% more than most teams. In fact , I went back to my nerdery and looked at all of the quarterback stats for the week and when normalized for attempts and completions, Philip Rivers had a pretty average day.

Here’s how he ranked, starting with his most impressive first.

Completion Percentage: 67.2% (5th)

It is easier to complete passing when you aren’t throwing passes any farther than 10 yards down fields

Yards per Attempt: 7.9 (14th)

Who had more yards per attempt than him? Well, Rodgers, of course, but also Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler and Ryan Fitzpatrick to name a few.

Yards per Completion: 11.7 (15th)

Who had more yards per completion than him? Well, Rodgers, of course, but also Teddy Bridgewater, Brian Hoyer and Landry Jones to name a few.

Attempts per Touchdowns: 32 (17th)

Who had fewer attempts per touchdowns than him? Well, Rodgers, of course, but also Matthew Stafford, Ryan Tannehill and Blake Bortles to name a few.

Completions per Touchdowns: 21.5 (19th)

Who had fewer completions per touchdowns than him? Well, Rodgers, of course, but also Andy Dalton, Josh McCown and Joe Flacco to name a few.

But congratulations Philip, you’ve earned your praise. I still think I’ll keep Rodgers though. Below is the complete chart for those interested in such things.

Philip Rivers4364503267.19%7.911.732.021.5
Carson Palmer2945421164.44%9.414.545.029.0
Matthew Stafford2742405464.29%9.615.010.56.8
Jay Cutler2641353163.41%8.613.641.026.0
Joe Flacco3353343262.26%6.510.426.516.5
Colin Kaepernick1627340259.26%12.621.313.58.0
Blake Bortles3053331356.60%
Tom Brady2337312362.16%8.413.612.37.7
Andrew Luck3050312360.00%6.210.416.710.0
Drew Brees3039312176.92%8.010.439.030.0
Matt Ryan3044295268.18%6.79.822.015.0
Brian Hoyer2436293366.67%
Peyton Manning2648290154.17%
Alex Smith2237282159.46%7.612.837.022.0
Sam Bradford2438280163.16%7.411.738.024.0
Cam Newton2036269155.56%7.513.536.020.0
Ryan Tannehill2229266275.86%
EJ Manuel2842263166.67%6.39.442.028.0
Aaron Rodgers1629255255.17%8.815.914.58.0
Ryan Fitzpatrick1926253273.08%9.713.313.09.5
Teddy Bridgewater1731249154.84%8.014.631.017.0
Andy Dalton2233243366.67%7.411.011.07.3
Russell Wilson1830241160.00%8.013.430.018.0
Marcus Mariota2133219163.64%6.610.433.021.0
Josh McCown2039213251.28%5.510.719.510.0
Kirk Cousins2543196158.14%4.67.843.025.0
Eli Manning2438189163.16%5.07.938.024.0
Landry Jones812168266.67%

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