Reasons to Troll Vikings’ Fans | Week 1

A random collection of reasons to troll the Vikings each week.

I thought the Packers defense was awful, giving up 5.9 yards per carry to Matt Forte until the Vikings came along and gave up 6.5 to Carlos Hyde.

#Tuesdaytrivia Who had more yards rushing Adrian Peterson or Aaron Rodgers? Answer: Aaron Rodgers. 35 yards to 31 yards.

The Vikings scored a touchdown for every Super Bowl they've won... zero

I thought Teddy Bridgewater was crazy when he said his goal was to complete 70% of his passes but he actually completed 72% of his passes. To be fair though it’s alot easier to do that when you throw a hail mary 30 yards short of the end zone or when you’re so far behind that the defense plays back so you can throw 5 yard crossing routes. In the fourth quarter alone he was 7 for 10 (with one interception). Maybe he thinks most games they’ll be down by a ton of points so that’s why he’ll reach those completion percentage goals. Good thinking Teddy. Good thinking.

Speaking of that hail mary before half; perhaps we should refer to that as a “Hail Nancy”

Teddy Bridgwater was sacked 5 times for 54 yards. Aaron Rodgers was sacked 0 times for 0 yards.

Cordarrelle Patterson had one catch for one yard. He’s electric.

The Vikings converted 11%  of third downs which is actually 100 times higher than their chance of winning a Super Bowl

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