Referee Power Rankings

Most of the referees in the NFL suck ass but some aren’t too bad. Here’s my rankings from the worst to the best.

17. Brad Allen

Brad Allen looks like a boy in middle school who dressed up as their dad. He and his crew are terrible and called a penalty on Jonathan Owens for his legal hit on Patrick Mahomes.

16. Shawn Hochuli

Technically he and Brad Allen are both tied for last. Shawn, like his father, loves him some him. No one calls more penalties at 14.29 per game and this accounts for 128 years per game just in penalties.

15. Clete Blakeman

He does earn some brownie points for screwing over the Patriots on multiple occasions, but he is also one of the people behind #deflategate which ruined my whole offseason.

14. Adrian Hill

I mean the Lions and Bears are both terrible, but he and his crew added to the misery on Thanksgiving in 2021 by calling a combined 15 penalties.

13. Scott Novak

Such a Wisconsin sounding last name even though he was born in Florida. He sucks.

12. Tra Blake

The Packers are (0-3) in games that Tra Blake has reffed, including Baker Mayfield’s record day. There is no way those receivers were that wide open legally. Oh wait, Joe Barry is defensive coordinator. Carry on.

11. Alan Eck

He has officiated two Packers games and both were losses. This guys stinks but at least he and Tra Blake are living proof that refs don’t favor the Packers.

10. Clay Martin

“Gumby” as his colleagues refer to him, does an average job. He’s the Matt Ryan of officiating.

9. Brad Rogers

Brad Rogers sounds like a name you use to hide your real name, so I placed him middle of the pack.

8. Land Clark

Land is a wunderkind, becoming a referee after only 2 years in the league. Ironically, he loves flying and cruises.

7. Shawn Smith

The pride of Ferris State – although close to the league average in penalties called per game, is only 3rd in penalty yards per game. You know what that means; watch the false starts and obliterate the quarterback

6. Craig Wrolstad

Craig wears the same number as the ole gunslinger so that must account for something.

5. Alex Kemp

He was the official in the Packers win over the Cardinals as well as the Browns. His crew made the correct no call on the final interception. Rasul Douglas loves this crew. He also officiated the Cowboys and 49ers playoff game. His cobbled together crew called a great game and made sure the Cowyboys didn’t get away with any funny business. Also, umpire Ramon George did all he could to try to give the Cowboys one more play but Dak bumped into him several times.

4. Ron Torbert

Ron is a referee and an attorney which means he has devoted his life to arguing. Ron and team usually let things go and calls a clean game.

3. Carl Cheffers

Carl’s been in the game a long time. Get this, home teams have won 50% of the games he has officiated. Now that’s balance.

2. John Hussey

The legend whose last name means a brazen or immoral woman has the highest home team winning advantage of 64%.

1. Bill Vinovich

The GOAT. Bill is a fine, fine referee. He and his crew called a very clean Super Bowl XLIX and his crew calls the fewest penalties in the league at under 10 per game.

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