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Teams With No Chance of Winning Super Bowl LVIII: Pre Free Agency Edition

Throughout the league year, I will give you a list of teams with no chance to win Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. This is  the pre-free agency edition so the list is pretty small. I refuse to eliminate teams just because they were bad last year (like the Bears or Colts) because those teams could make big additions via free agency or the draft. Teams on this list would have to really put themselves in bad shape with dumb moves or personnel changes. This first edition only has two teams.

New Orleans Saints

By signing Derek Carr, the Saints have guaranteed that they will win between 6-10 games. Even if they win 10 games, they will not win a playoff game. They are now in the terrible position of neither having  a good quarterback nor a bad quarterback. At least with a bad quarterback you can move on and try to get it fixed. There is no way the Saints are winning the Super Bowl this year 

Cleveland Browns

They mortgaged too much, both in money and draft picks, for a bad quarterback with off the field issues. This team is a disaster. There is no way they are winning the Super Bowl.

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