Ted’s Love of Slow, White Linebackers

I know that in these sensitive times in which we live, it is not politically correct to bring up race but let’s be real; if the majority of your starting linebackers are white; you’re gonna have a bad time.  

Ted Thompson was a linebacker when he played in the NFL… a white linebacker to be exact. He seems to be living vicariously through the white linebackers he drafts much like the dad that thinks his uncoordinated son is going to be all state and gets pissed off at the coach isn’t playing him because of “politics”.

It is almost as if since Green Bay is the whitest city in pro sports that we must also have the highest percentage of white players. Sometimes I feel Ted is contemplating trying to talk Jason Sehorn out of retirement.  I think it’s time we progress and finally accept other races; particularly in positions such as linebacker. It wouldn’t hurt if we got some speed on the team as well, but what do I know.

I do have one exception: Luke Kuechly can join our team at any time.

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