Thank You Vikings

That was so good. I haven’t enjoyed a conference championship game that much since 2011. I love how the Vikings even got their fans hopes up with a touchdown on their first drive only to proceed to get their ass handed to them. That is really the best part of the Vikings is how they get their fans hopes up and then crush their dreams. I knew as soon at Diggs scored the “Minnesota Miracle” that they were headed for a “Minnesota Meltdown™.”

The Vikings always have a way of cheering me up. I was thoroughly embarrassed by the Packers performance against the Falcons in last years NFC Championship game, but that was nothing compared to that shit show put on by the Vikings.

I also love how the rest of the NFL got to see how annoying Vikings’ fans are. That was grade A trolling by the Eagles fans with their Foles skol chant. I also love how that same fan base is now headed to Minnesota. It’s like they banged your wife and now they moving into your house and eating your food.

Who would have thought it would be a Viking to finally get Ted and Dom fired? But that’s exactly what Anthony Barr did. Although this season sucked for Packers fans, it is what we needed. It got us out of purgatory. Now Aaron will be back. He will have more weapons and a competent defense. I’ll grow my playoff beard. When they bring home their 14th World Championship next year, I have a standing invitation to Mr. Barr to join in the celebration. It wouldn’t have been possible without him.

From the bottom of my beard, thank you Minnesota Vikings. Never change.

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