The 2011 Chiefs Game Ruined Christmas

The Packers were rolling. They were 14-0 and just coming off of a blowout win over the Raiders. The only teams left in front of them and an undefeated regular season were the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. The Packers always beat the Lions and Bears at home so that just leaves the Chiefs. Sure, they’re tough at Arrowhead but they were just 5-8 with four of those losses being at home. They had an interim coach in Romeo Crennel who wasn’t successful as a head coach with the Browns and their quarterback was Kyle Orton, whom they traded for earlier in the season, which was after the Packers had pummeled when he was with the Broncos.

Early in the game, I realized the Packers were in trouble. Marshall Newhouse was the left tackle and Tamba Hali beat him like he owed him money that day, accumulating 3 sacks. They made Aaron Rodgers look like a quarterback for the Vikings (albeit on a good day) and even the running game struggled. The defense did a good job of holding the Chiefs to field goals most of the day until the fourth quarter when Jackie Battle scored the game clinching touchdown… and there is your dagger.

Why It Ruined Christmas

I remember this day because it was the same day as our friends and family Christmas Party. Luckily, that meant there was plenty of booze available. Unfortunately, I had to act like I was happy and in the Christmas spirit when in reality, I wanted to punch some mirrors.

So, it was tradition that Santa shows up at this party every year. So in walks the big man wearing Chiefs colors. I almost lost it. The only thing holding me back was seeing his fantastic beard. Not even hearing ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham could cheer me up.

I Hate Kyle Orton

Before the Buffalo Bills game last year, I had a feeling the Packers were going to lose. The circumstances seemed erily similar to the Chiefs game in 2011. Unfortunately, I was right. It was the same shit. Late December game on the road against a team with a good defense, but that you should beat being quarterbacked by Kyle Orton.

This year the Packers play the Raiders in the 3rd to last game, on the road. As long as they don’t sign Kyle Orton, I feel pretty good.

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