Thoughts on Tom Brady and Cheating in General

You may have heard that a certain quarterback who plays home games in a stadium named after a razor blade (bastards) is in some trouble for apparently deflating footballs to gain a competitive advantage.  This may come as a surprise to you, but I fully support Tom Brady.  I feel they were unfairly singled out when a lot of teams are cheating as I will outline below.


With the high altitude in Denver is creates a perfect environment for a washed up quarterback who can no longer put any zip on the ball. Whereas Manning may only be able to throw it 40 yards in the Superdome, he can throw it 60 yards at home. Cheater.


The year that Peyton Manning missed due to injury, the Colts threw Curtis Painter out there to play quarterback. Just for reference for those of you unfamiliar with Curtis, he made Jay Cutler look like Trent Green, who made Rich Gannon look like Dan Marino. That was cheating in the opposite way. That was cheating to be so bad that they would have the number one pick and the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck. Curtis Painter couldn’t make it in the CFL. Geez, all this cheating is somehow related to either the Colts or Peyton Manning. Cheaters.


They are cheaters in multiple ways. First they designed the stadium to be extra loud.  CenturyLink Field is the breast implants of the NFL. Sure it’s impressive but totally manufactured. Also, they have the 12th man advantage. I’ve never understood bragging about that. If I was a referee, I’m throwing the flag on every play for 12 men on the field. That would teach those assholes. Big time cheaters.

The list goes on and on. It’s not only football either. Baseball has cheaters too but frankly if someone wants to take steroids and that means a hell of a lot more home runs, I’m all for it. I’m even in favor of letting batters use aluminum bats. Some people say that that the names that were exposed as part of the Ashley Madison hack were cheaters. Cheating has and always will be a part of sports. I don’t think Tom Brady’s shriveled balls were anything to get in a tizzy about.  For more on cheating, I think Norm Macdonald explains it best

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