Top 10 Foods to Eat With a Beard

There are numerous benefits to having a beard but one of the top reasons has to be that it makes food taste better. Here is a guide to the best foods to eat with a beard. It is not a coincidence that these are also great football foods.

10. Cheese Curds

Although not as potent as some of the other foods on this list, the wonderful cheese curd breading can leave a lasting impression. That little bit of grease gives your beard the extra kick it needs to look its best and really shine.

great beard food - cheese curds

9. Tacos

In addition to tacos having great burp back effects they also really work with beards. The cumin seasoning lingers on the palette and provides all day or all week enjoyment (based on how often you shower).

great beard food - tacos

8. Pretzel with Cheese

This is a stadium favorite and I feel it should be included in the price of the ticket. I don’t know why they even offer it without cheese. It’s like offering a car without wheels. The nice soft pretzel with warm gooey cheese it sure to get stuck on your follicles for later enjoyment.

great beard food - pretzel w cheese

7. Cookies

Hey, Santa Clause is no idiot. The great crumbly, sugary cookie is a favorite dessert of beard wearers. Almost any cookie will do but with preference for monster, chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses and M&M.

great beard food - cookies

6. Brats

Although brats are really a great football food, this has to do more with the condiments that you load on. There’s no way to eat one and not make a mess… a beautiful, delicious mess.

great beard food - brat

5. Booyah

This is a regional one that really shines in the cold Wisconsin winters. It’s so salty. The smell could wake up a nose deaf person in Ypsilanti. Plus this is the best way to get a serving of vegetables. We’re health nuts here.

great beard food - booyah

4. Ribs

A southern favorite that the north does right. Cooked low and slow for that tender, juicy, fall off the bone rib meat. Slathered in bbq sauce for that long lasting flavors plus the bone collection at the end makes you fell like a real man.

great beard food - ribs

3. Wings

This is similar to ribs but a bit more versatile as there is a whole host of sauces to use. It depends what beard flavor your looking for that day. Maybe a mix of spicy garlic with honey bbq. Possibly teriyaki and habarnero. The possibilities are endless.

great beard food - wings

2. Chili

This is like a mixture of the best elements of tacos, booyah and brats all rolled into one. It has a strong flavor and smell and with strong enough onions would give you the only respectable reason a man should cry. It also is awesome when mixed with the number one item.

great beard food - chili

1. Beer

You knew it was coming. You can mix all of the above 9 items (yes, even cookies) with beer and you’re going to have a great day. Beer is also strong enough to stand on its own. There’s something about pushing that glass bottle or aluminum can against your stache that just feels right.It’s like it was meant to be there. In winter you have the added possibility of beer beard icicle which is the ultimate experience in life.

great beard food - beer

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