Vikings Should Give In to Ragnar’s Demands

Now that the Kam Chancellor holdout is over, it’s time to turn our attention to the next great contract standoff; Ragnar the mascot versus the Vikings. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Samson, you just like to troll the Vikings. That’s getting so old”. While it’s true I have had some fun at the Vikings expsnese such as:

I actually do feel like I should lookout for them. That’s why I think they should pay Ragnar the 20 grand per game he is seeking.

Now listen, it would be much easier (if that’s possible) for the Packers to beat the Vikings without Ragnar on the sidelines. Have you seen his majestic beard? Ragnar is the only reason the Vikings aren’t picking in the top 5 of the draft year after year. Without him, you have a terrible team in what I’m sure is to be another terrible stadium. Fans won’t even know when to cheer without him blowing his own horn. Not that the Vikings giving their fans a reason to cheer happens all that often, it’s nice that he’s on the ball to wake them up when it eventually does happen.

He’s only asking for $200,000 per year for 2 preseason games and 8 regular season games. You don’t even have to worry about him working the postseason because that ain’t happening. Take $200,000 that you were eventually going to pay Packers castoffs and give it to the man. I know what you’er thinking, “but Samson, former Packers players are our best players”. I know… I know. But eventually you have to cut the cord.

Now’s not the time to be tight with money. You’re paying a child abusing running back $13 million in 2015. You signed Daunte Culpepper to a 10 year 102 million dollar contract in 2003. You gave Brad Childress a contract extension in November of 2009 and fired him in November of 2010. Better yet, just make the taxpayers pay for him like you did your new stadium.

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