Week 6 Game Predictions | 2015 NFL Season

Sure, I’m a little late with these weeks pick but that’s ok because I need all the help I can get.

Last Week

Jason 10-4

Samson 7-7

Mascot 4-10

Season Standings

  1. Samson 45-32
  2. Jason 45-32
  3. Mascot 39-38
Jason Samson Mascot
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Saints 31 Falcons 21 Saints 31 Falcons 21 Saints 31 Falcons 21
Just got a feeling about this one Yep, Saints all the way I guarantee this will be the final score
Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills Bengals 24 Bills 9 Bengals 31 Bills 7 Bengals 21 Bills 14
Andy Dalton will be the best quarterback on the field, which he can’t say most weeks. I think Dalton should start growing his ginger playoff beard. It would be epic. A tiger would destroy a buffalo
Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns Broncos 17 Browns 7 Browns 21 Broncos 17 Broncos 31 Browns 3
Denver just has to figure out a way to keep their defense on the field It’s actually a pretty evenly matched game. I give the advantage to Mike Pettine and his goatee Broncos would stampede all over the color brown
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Lions 23 Bears Bears 24 Lions 16 Lions 28 Bears 17
Sometimes I feel bad for both teams but then I remember their fans are a bunch of pricks Deandre Levy has one of the most amazing beards in the league and now he’s out for the season. Things could be getting even worse for the Lions. I once went to a zoo where the fed the lions a live bear.
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars 19 Texans 16 Texans 23 Jaguars 13 Texans 27 Jaguars 20
This makes the above game seem like a great matchup Full beard advantage to Brian Hoyer who (finally) is starting at quarterback for them this week Not a lot of jaguars in Texas… and there’s a good reason for that
Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings Chiefs 27 Vikings 24 Chiefs 17 Vikings 16 Vikings 24 Chiefs 14
This seems like a game the Vikings should win… so they probably won’t I will not be picking the Vikings again until they bring back Ragnar A bunch of Pilgrims took over this land so I would imagine vikings would do the same
Washington Redskins at New York Jets Redskins 28 Jets 20 Jets 31 Redskins 27 Jets 37 Redskins 21
I think the Redskins will win just enough games to give their fans hope for next year The Redskins have more beards but the Jets have the best beard at the most important position. Advantage Jets. A teepee is not match for a jet
Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers Cardinals 35 Steelers 17 Steelers 27 Cardinals 24 Steelers 21 Cardinals 20
Michael Vick has the accuracy of an ESPN reporter Is Mike Tomlin coaching? Then I’m taking the Steelers. Cardinals flying into steel beams and buildings is one of the leading causes of death
Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans Dolphins 24 Titans 21 Dolphins 28 Titans 23 Titans 34 Dolphins 27
The Dolphins will win just enough games under interim coach Dan Campbell to cause an awkward situation this offseason Dan Campbell has the goatee so I like their chances Let’s be honest, Dolphins haven’t done much since Flipper.
Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Seahawks 20 Panthers 17 Seahawks 27 Panthers 16 Panthers 23 Seahawks 17
Once again, Russell Wilson will play terribly for 3 quarters but one quarter will be enough to beat the Panthers The Seahawks have one of the deepest beard rosters in the league Panthers are much stronger than hawks, although they aren’t so good at flying.
San Diego Chargers at Green Bay Packers Packers 37 Chargers 20 Packers 45 Chargers 10 Chargers 27 Packers 24
Another home game another easy victory I make my first visit to Lambeau this year so that tells you all you need to know. A lightning bolt would kill a butcher
Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers 49ers 28 Ravens 23 49ers 31 Ravens 21 49ers 20 Ravens 16
Like most weeks, the Ravens will find a way to lose this one late in the game John Harbaugh is a clean shaven sissy boy and the Niners mascot is a certified badass Not even a couple of birds can deter a man searchin’ for gold
New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts Patriots 49 Colts 23 Patriots 38 Colts 24 Patriots 55 Colts 14
Bill Bellichick likes to rub it in against a normal opponent. Can’t wait to see what he does to snitchers Someone seriously needs to look into why Andrew Luck’s beard isn’t working Patriots would ride adult horses so they will have no trouble with a bunch of colts
New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Giants 30 Eagles 20 Eagles 27 Giants 24 Giants 34 Eagles 17
The Giants are starting to run away with the NFC East Pretty evenly matched beards but the Eagles are at home so they get the slight advantage Giants would be swattin Eagles like I swat flies