What Did You Expect When We Lost God’s Gift?

Gods Gift

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you know I’m a big, big fan of Andrew Quarless, otherwise known as “God’s Gift”. He is such a dynamic playmaker that it’s easy to see why he has stuck around for 6 years. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the facts.

Almost Scoreless Without Quarless

During the first 3 games of the season, the Packers offense was its usual juggernaut scoring 31, 27 and 38 points respectively. Since then, they have only scored 30 once and that was against the tasteless, hapless, Minnesota Vikings. They have also gone 4-4 during that stretch. So let’s see, what could have possibly happened to our offense after week 3? Oh I know, we lost God’s Gift. No big deal. Not like God has any power (or an amazing beard) or anything and would be pissed that his own gift is on injured reserve.

Quarless dominated when he was active with 2 receptions for 14 yards which is way more than star Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and Bears first round pick Kevin White have had combined.

The good news for Packers fans is that Quarless is on short term injured reserve and should be back soon. As Christmas approaches, it is only fitting that we are looking forward to receiving God’s Gift once again.

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