What Happened During that Bye Week?

I can still smell the late Autumn bon fires and hear the crunching of the leaves. The Packers were 6-0 and had the world by it’s balls. Then they had a bye week and most of the players went, “bye”. Since that time, they have gone 4-6. So what happened during that bye week? I have some thoughts:

  1. Aaron Rodgers attended the Mike Tomczak football camp
  2. Randall Cobb went to his accountant and was informed he would still receive the same amount of his new contract whether he produced or not
  3. Mike McCarthy started going to Cellcom for ideas for offensive plays
  4. Eddie Lacy found out about Applebees half priced apps
  5. Davante Adams received catching tips from Brandon Bostick
  6. Tom Clements played massive amounts of Tecmo Bowl and thought he only had 8 plays to choose from
  7.  A computer glitch accidentally removed the tight end as an option on every passing play
  8. The offensive line was told that the defense had to count to 5 Mississippi before rushing the quarterback
  9. Sending in plays in Swahili to confuse defenses has led to an unbelievable amount of timeouts to avoid delay of game penalties
  10. Jordy Nelson’s agent put a curse on the team

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