The 2005 Season Was a Flaming Bag of Crap

The year was 2005. Aaron Rodgers was a rookie. Ted Thompson was in his first year. Mike Sherman was in his last year. Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. I know this because I worked in New Orleans after the hurricane and luckily got to miss most of the crappy, crappy, 4-12 season.

The year started out with Javon Walker threatening to retire unless he was traded. He wanted to get paid big money and didn’t want to be any part of the Packers. He didn’t want to play out the remaining two years of his contract in Green Bay and risk injury that could cost him millions. Well eventually he showed up and eventually he got injured by tearing his ACL in week 1 against the Lions. That’s just Vince acting Mafioso beyond the grave.

The Packers had a case of the Mondays that year by going 0-3 on Monday Night Football. They also lost to some of the worst quarterbacks in recent memory including Joey Harrington, Trent Dilfer, Rex Grossman, Kyle Boller, Charlie Batch and Mike McMahon. They kept many games close though but often lost because of a ‘Brett Play’ or field goal as time expired.

Here’s a look at all 16 games; 12 of which were excruciating to relive.

Week 1 – Lions 17 Packers 3

What makes this loss extremely difficult is that we lost to the Joey Harrington led Detroit Lions.

Week 2 – Brown 26 Packers 24

Yes, we did lose to the hapless Browns in Lambeau of all places. Trent Dilfer was unstoppable and Braylon Edwards looked like he might be a legitimate NFL receiver

Week 3 – Buccaneers 17 Packers 16

Joey Galloway torched us all day and for the third straight week, we made a terrible quarterback (Brian Griese) look like a hall of famer.

Week 4 – Panthers 32 Packers 29

This was a Monday Night game and the Panthers outlasted the Packers. This is back when I thought Julius Peppers was an asshole. Now I love him.

Week 5 – New Orleans 3 Packers 52

Blowout at Lambeau. Two Najeh “the Deuce” Davenport touchdown and two defensive touchdowns including a 95 yard interception return by Club 5-6 made this one unwatchable in a good way.

Week 7 – Vikings 23 Packers 20

Just too much Paul Edinger and not enough Antonio Chatman.

Week 8 – Bengals 21 Packers 14

This was one of those patented ‘Brett Favre Five Interception’ games. Add a 6th if you can getting the ball taken away by this drunk fan

Week 9 – Steelers 20 Packers 10

The Packers played the eventual Super Bowl champions tough but lost another tough one at Lambeau

Week 10 – Falcons 25 Packers 33

This was Samkon Gado’s coming out party with three touchdowns. I knew we had found a hidden gem that would lead our team in rushing for years to come just like De’ Mond Parker.

Week 11 – Vikings 20 Packers 17

Another Monday Nighter and another loss. Paul Edinger hit another game winning kick as time expired just like in week 7.

Week 12 – Eagles 19 Packers 14

Mike McMahon continued the tradition of terrible quarterbacks beating the Packers in 2005.

Week 13 – Bears 19 Packers 7

The Packers almost beat the Bears in Chicago until Brett threw one of his patented game losing interceptions that was returned for a touchdown to put the game out of reach.

Week 14 – Lions 13 Packers 16

Even in our worst years we are still guaranteed to beat the Lions at home. 2005 was no different and that tradition of 22 straight victories at home versus the Lions still exists today.

Week 15 – Ravens 48 Packers 3

This was yet another terrible Monday Night performance against a terrible quarterback (Kyle Boller).  But this one sucked for another reason. Up until this point (thanks to a blowout of the Saints) the Packers point differential was 0 (255-255) and I wanted to see a team with a 4-12 record have a positive point differential.

Week 16- Bears 24 Packers 17

Not even an 85 yard Antonio Chatman punt return could help us win this one. Swept by the Bears and Vikings in the same season. I’m glad that will never happen again.

Week 17 – Seahawks 17 Packers 23

Yes, the Packers starters were barely better than the Seahawks backups. But a win is a win and it was over the eventual NFC Champion Seahawks.

The Beginning of a Champion

I am thankful for the 2005 team because it took complete destruction to rebuild Green Bay into the powerhouse is today. We drafted Aaron Rodger and Nick Collins with our first two picks and both were critical in the success of the team and eventual Super Bowl Championship (number 13). It brought Mike McCarthy in and shipped that pear shaped loser out. It made me thankful for the great team I follow because seasons like this are the norm for many other fans.

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