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My 12 Most Hated NFL Teams

I am such a hater but most of my hatred is directed to a select few teams.

12. Ravens

I will start with a team that I have no logical reason to dislike, but I do. I can’t stand the Ravens and it probably stems from when Ray Lewis had a double “misunderstanding” at Super Bowl XXXIV. I don’t like the Harbaugh’s either so that doesn’t help. I don’t even like the Steelers but I still root for them any time they play the Ravens. 

11. Saints

The Saints are here because I always thought Drew Brees was a phony (and not phony in a Mike Moffitt way) and Sean Payton was always praised while being average. Now that they’re both gone, I guess I don’t have a good reason not to like them. I should actually remove them from this list for the bounty game against Brett Favre.

10. Giants

I will never forget the 2007 NFC Championship nor the 2011 NFC Divisional games which the Giants won. I froze my ass off at both of those games only to see that yokel Eli Manning win and go on to win the Super Bowl.

9. Buccaneers

This one goes all the way back to the NFC Central days when the Buccaneers were in the same division as the Packers. Sure, they used to be funny pushovers but over time they actually became kind of good? When Warren Sapp was drafted things really changed for the worse. They became a bunch of cowards who were too afraid to take on a man face to face and instead relied on blind side hits. Then moving ahead many years and Brady joins the team and beats the Packers in the NFC Championship game at Lambeau.

8. Patriots

I can even admit that they are only this high on this list because they were too good and it was annoying. It made me have to face the reality that Belichick is probably better than Lombardi and should be called the greatest coach of all time. I almost puked while typing that. I hate them because they’re everything I want the Packers to be.

7. Broncos

My hatred for the whole Shanahan family started the night of January 25, 1998 when the Broncos beat the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. I had to watch as that horseface, John Elway, finally broke the AFC’s Super Bowl losing streak to my Packers. I had a serious case of schadenfreude last year as the Russell Wilson trade absolutely backfired and will set their organization back 10 years.

6. Eagles

I think there is a rule that you have to hate Philly just for being Philly. Just ask Bill Burr. The Packers and Eagles have been pretty evenly matched over the years but they have been to two Super Bowls since the Packers last appearance so they get my hate.

5. 49ers

In the 90s the Packers dominated the Niners so they were cool with me then. Then the 49ers had the top pick in the draft and chose Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers and I thought the Packers were going to dominate the Niners again and make them regret not drafting Rodgers but instead they were able to beat the Rodgers led teams with the likes of Colin Kaepernick, and Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. Plus see item 7 above and how much I hate the Shanahans.

4. Commanders

While a lot of my hatred for teams on this list is due to their success against the Packers, that isn’t the case here. I think my hatred for them stems more from their douchebag owner (not that he’s the only one) and the stupid ‘Washington Football Team” years followed by a terrible “Commanders” team name. They need to move him out as soon as possible.  I’ll never forgive them for poaching Vince Lombardi and giving him cancer either.

3. Cowboys

The combination of the pompousness of Jerry Jones and their domination of the Packers in early 90s are the reason they are this high. Their 1989 trade of Herschel Walker to the Vikings was a double edged sword because it was hilarious how badly they robbed the Vikings, it also made the Cowboys a force that Packers couldn’t overcome. The Packers victories over the years, particularly in playoffs, have helped heal some wounds but my hatred of them is still high.

2. Bears

The best rivalry in the league has to be high on this list. Unfortunately for most of my life, it hasn’t been much of a rivalry. If you live in Green Bay you have to hate the Bears, even if it feels like you’re constantly kicking someone when they’re down.

1. Vikings

There is nothing to like about the Vikings. They don’t win anything and yet act like they are the best franchise in the history of the game. I get too much satisfaction from watching them lose and hearing Paul Allen lose his mind. Their losses almost bring me as much joy as Packers wins.

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