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Epic Idea: NFL Interconference Rivalries for the 17th Game

The NFL moved to a 17th game season in 2021 and the opponent for the 17th game would be a team from an interconference division on a rotating schedule, that finished in the same place in their division in the season before. Rather than settling for random, mundane matchups, imagine a football landscape ablaze with bitter feuds, epic clashes, and intense showdowns. Enter the concept of Interconference Rivalry Week – a masterstroke that promises to infuse the regular season with an electrifying fervor.

This visionary idea draws inspiration from the passionate rivalries witnessed in college football’s legendary rivalry week. Picture fan bases fueled by a newfound animosity towards teams from beyond their division and conference boundaries. The proposal? A week before the bye weeks start where a team plays the same interconference opponent every year. One year the NFC team would host the game and the next year the AFC team would host the game. The games would be scheduled by geographic area with 7 in-state games every year. Because there are fewer west coast teams in the AFC than NFC, there are a couple of games that dont make sense geographically but for the most part would create some epic battles.

Rivalry Game Highlights

  • Epic Giants vs Jets showdown at MetLife Stadium to see which team is the king of New York
  • The Battle for Pennsylvania between the Steelers and Eagles
  • Lions vs Bills in the Canada Bowl
  • Panthers and Jaguars in the the 1995 Expansion Team Brawl

List of NFL Rivalry Games

  • Giants vs. Jets
  • Eagles vs. Steelers
  • Commanders vs. Ravens
  • Rams vs. Chargers
  • Cowboys vs. Texans
  • 49ers vs. Raiders
  • Buccaneers vs. Dolphins
  • Lions vs. Bills
  • Bears vs. Colts
  • Packers vs. Browns
  • Vikings vs. Chiefs
  • Seahawks vs. Broncos
  • Panthers vs. Jaguars
  • Saints vs. Titans
  • Falcons vs. Patriots
  • Cardinals vs. Bengals

Get ready for a football experience like never before, where rivalries reach new heights and the spirit of competition burns brighter than ever. Interconference Rivalry Week – a game-changer in the world of NFL matchups.

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